Next Balavihar : June 8th 2014

Annual Day : June 22nd 2014

Opening Prayers

Om Sahanavavatu


Karagre vasate lakshmi
Saraswati Namastubyam
Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Ekadantam Mahakayam
Mookam Karoti Vaachalam
Ramaya Rama Bhadraya
Manojavam maruta tulya

Gita chanting - 1st 5 verses of Chapter 14


Concentration Time : Shell game

Letter of the day : Q for quiet.

Story :  The Turtle who did not listen
There was a small lake at the end of the forest. Two swans and a turtle lived there who were good friends. Suddenly one year, there was a drought and water started drying up from the lake. The animals grew worried. The swan said to the turtle. "My friend, the lake is almost dry; how would you live without water? We anyway will fly off to the nearby lake that is full of water." 

The turtle started thinking and got an idea. He asked his friends to first find a pond filled with water and get him a stick. He explained he would hold the stick on his mouth and the swans could hold each end of the stick and this way he could be carried to the new pond. They all loved the idea and soon the swans arrived with a stick to fly with the turtle. The swans then cautioned the turtle and said remember we are going to fly and please do not open your mouth and keep quiet.
Now the swans started flying and the turtle was having a great ride. After some time they flew above a village. The villagers looked up in the sky and started saying. "Look ...look at those clever birds. They are carrying a turtle!"
The turtle said, "Me?" and as soon as he spoke he fell down. The poor turtle had forgotten the importance of keeping his mouth shut.

Activity : Likhita japa

Today we had a combined class of both the sections Section A and Section B.

Sevikas : Ruchi Vyas, Reshma Arun, Jacqueline Gaines and Meena Rajan

After our long break for memorial day we met again today. It was a beautiful bright and sunny as we assembled together for our balavihar class. It was a combined class again with the two sections joining together which is always lots of fun. However we missed our favorite aunties today as both Jacqueline aunty and Ruchi aunty could not be with us. They had something very important to attend but they cant wait to meet you next week.

We started our day as normal with our 3 om's. After the opening prayer we proceeded to do our shlokas and bhajans. After that we all chanted our bhagawat gita five verses. It was wonderful and yes a great pleasure to hear all the kids chanting in unison.

After chanting was time for our favorite game the quiet game. It had a very special significance today as all the kids wait for this. Today Reshma aunty dropped the shells very softly challenging the kids. But most of the kids  were really quiet and  focused did a great job. It was 2 and half minutes of quiet time and it was definitely great to see that.

Now was the time for our Alphabet safari. As we are near to the close of the session we did our recap of the alphabets. Kids participated with full gusto explaining every letter and what it meant. Our alphabet for the week was Q. It was not surprising to see how kids immediately guessed q was for quiet. After this was the kids favorite time story time. We listened to the story of the turtle who did not listen. There were some kids who had already heard the story but it was definitely a new story to many of them.

After story was time for our game. We sang our favorite khate bhi raam kaho bhajan but we were supposed to stop and start as told. This was fun but also got a  little tough as we got carried away with the bhajan. After the bhajan was time for likhita japa.

Ameetji then shared with us parents/children information about our next year balavihar program. We concluded the day with Arati and Pledge. Our last day of regular balavihar class will be June 8. Look forward to lot of fun on that day...